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Pictures are great - but videos are better!  Here are several videos MMRA has collected over the last several years.  We hope they give you a taste of the excitement of MMRA racing.  If you have a high speed Internet connection, you'll really enjoy these.  For those of you with a dial-up connection, we still have several videos in the older real audio format which you can download and then replay.  Enjoy!


Click here to watch a 5 minute MMRA promotional video.  You'll need a high speed connection as the file is 14Mb in Windows Media player format.


Click here to visit the MMRA YouTube channel


Carl Edwards on "Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain".  Carl gave Baby Grands a strong plug during a great interview on Wind Tunnel.  We have edited together a bit of Dave and Carl joking off-air before the interview and then some highlights of the interview itself.  Click here for a dial-up connection - real audio format.

Carl Edwards talks with MMRA President Pete Neimeier about Baby Grand racing the day after his huge Daytona win.  Click here for dial-up modem connections or Click here for high speed connections.

PRO Road Racing Video Clips - High Speed Internet Connection Required

Mazda's For Lunch - Enjoy a feast of Mazda's as you race through the tri-oval at California Speedway.

Green Flag - Take the green and pick up a few positions in the first few turns.

Off Road - Get sideways and kick up some dust - but save it and race on!

In Car Video Clips:

In Car - Here's an in-car camera showing the start of a race at Sportsdrome Speedway in Indiana.

Big Wreck - Here's an in-car video showing Troy Dye's huge wreck at Music City Motorplex in Nashville.  He flipped 5 times down the frontstretch before landing on another car down in turn 1.  The file is 17 MB so it will take a long time to download if you have a slow connection.

Into the Wall - Head to Indianapolis and get too excited on the first lap and smack the wall.

Racing at IRP - Take a few laps at Indianapolis in a Baby Grand

Minicup Video Clips:

Each of these clips will need to be downloaded to your computer and then played from your hard drive - they will not stream.  This allows even dial up modem users to get a reasonable picture.  Each file is just under 1 megabyte and will take about 5 minutes to download on a dial up modem.

Clip 1 - This is a 30 second commercial for MMRA with Bob Jenkins of ESPN fame doing the voice-over.

Clip 2 - In this clip, Stephen Cox introduces Tony Stewart who will be calling the action of MMRA Future Stars races.

Clip 3 - Here, Tony Stewart is discussing how racing minicups can help a young driver learn the fundamentals of racing.

Clip 4 - This is a 30 second intro sequence from Speedvision.

Clip 5 - Another 30 second intro.

Clip 6 - Another 30 second intro.

Clip 7 - Another 30 second intro.

Clip 8 - Watch Future Stars at All American Speedway in a short 1 minute video courtesy of Steven Blakesley and Chester Finney.

VHS/DVD Videos:

MMRA's 2004 Year in Review Video contains almost 2 hours of great footage from all 2004 Touring and Grand National events.  Click here for more information.