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This page contains a record of MMRA news from the last five years.  Keep scrolling down to see lots of info from the past. 

12/14/10 - Click here for some photos and info from our 2010 MMRA Awards Banquet.

12/3/10 - Championship rings are in!  Click here for more info.

10/23/10 - Save the Date!  The 2011 Las Vegas Bullring Special race for Baby Grands is scheduled for April 30-May 1.  Make plans to enjoy this great vacation/race combo weekend.

10/19/10 - The 2010 MMRA points season wrapped up this weekend and all results are in and posted.  Please notify us of any errors in results or points standings asap.

8/9/10 - Click here to watch a YouTube video from in-car at the I44 Speedway race July 31.

8/6/10 - The minicup rulebook has been updated due to changes in Honda manufacturing.  Click here for details.

5/24/10 - Click here to read about an additional tie-breaker added to rule 9.6 in the MMRA rulebook.

4/18/10 - The Vegas Special is in the recordbooks.  For those who didn't make the race, Chili Denison has some in-car video from the event.  Click here to ride along with him on Sunday!

2/22/10 - 2010 rulebooks are posted.  Technical specs are unchanged, but there are points system changes.  Click here to download.

12/22/09 - 2010 News from MMRA in our December Newsletter.  Click here for more.

12/6/09 - Plans are starting to take shape for 2010.  A new group of minicups is coming together in Georgia and will have a full 18 race schedule next year.  Click here to visit their website for more info.

11/19/09 - Rookie of the Year Winners are now posted below this news section.  Congratulations to all our ROTY's on a great first season in their division!

10/18/09 - The 2009 Season is in the recordbooks with a great West Grand National race.  Click here for the results.

10/9/09 - Celebration!  Come join us for an end of season celebration and eastern awards banquet at Baker Curb Racing.  Click here.

9/17/09 - CONGRATULATIONS - Former MMRA minicup and Baby Grand racer Jacob Gomes has just won the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Rookie of the year title.  This nationwide NASCAR award is a major accomplishment.  Click here to visit the website and read the article!

1/22/09 - ESPN Rise magazine recently ran a feature story on California racer Brent Curran.  Click here to check it out.

12/27/08 - Local leaders - Click here to download and print out the 2009 Local Event Schedule form to submit your local race schedule.

12/22/08 - MMRA loses a friend.  Steve Smith from Ohio has passed on.  Click here for more.

11/16/08 - Plans for 2009 are taking shape.  Click here for more info in our November newsletter.

9/14/08 - West Grand National race is in the recordbooks.  Click here for more.

9/2/08 - East Grand National race is in the recordbooks.  Click here for more.

9/1/08 - Baby Grand racers in Colorado donated all their winnings from their Aug 30 event to Tyler Luttrull's recovery, joining eastern racers who did the same at the East Grand National race.  It was a great day for the MMRA family to pull together to help out one of our own.

8/24/08 - IMPORTANT - Spec Fuel for East Grand National Race.  Click here for more.

8/18/08 - Join the challenge to help with Tyler Luttrull's recovery.  Click here for more.

7/24/08 - Future Star Tyler Luttrull is facing a tough fight.  Click here for more and learn how to help him recover quickly!

7/14/08 - Special Event with the ASA Late Model Series in the books - Click here for more.

6/2/08 - Channel 17 in Nashville featured MMRA racers discussing the future of the Music City Motorplex.  Click here to watch the video.

4/18/08 - Baby Grands Inc. has built a new 2 seat racecar to introduce more people to the excitement of our sport.  Click here to visit their website and see photos of the new ride.

4/5/08 - Honda releases new pistons for GX390 motor - not legal for 2008 - Click here for more.

3/26/08 - Local leaders - Click here if you would like to use Raceceivers in your local program.

2/2/08 - Mardy Dunn has produced some great new T-Shirts for our 2008 season which will be available starting in Florida.  Click here to see the front side design and click here to see the back side design.

1/28/08 - Announcement 1 - DBV Properties Caution Free Bonus continues - and expands in 2008 - Click here for more.

1/28/08 - Announcement 2 - Future Stars and Junior PRO Divisions are split east/west due to growth - Click here for more.

1/1/08 - The 2008 rulebooks are posted with a clarification for the Baby Grand rulebook.  Click here

12/26/07 - The 2008 Touring and Grand National Entry Form is posted.  Click here to download.

12/24/07 - MMRA on YouTube?  Click here for more.

12/18/07 - Check out the new MMRA Tech Cart - Click here

11/6/07 - The 2007 MMRA Racing News magazine is released and will be sent to all MMRA members.  Click here for more.

11/4/07 - Congratulations to Carl Edwards - 2002 Baby Grand National Champion who just won his first NASCAR championship.  Click here to see a clip from Texas where Carl referenced his Baby Grand title.

11/4/07 - The 2007 MMRA awards banquet was a great event with tasty food, gleaming awards, beautiful young ladies and excited champions.  Click here for more.

10/6/07 - Get the latest news in the MMRA Newsletter for October.  Click here to check it out.

9/24/07 - Carl Edwards hasn't forgotten where he won his last racing championship.  Click here to see a clip from his appearance on Speed Channel following his win this past weekend at Dover.

9/16/07 - Canadian Michael Kipp takes the race and the 2007 Western PRO Division championship at Douglas County.  Click here for more.

9/12/07 - First class venue for the championship awards banquet announced - Click here for more.

9/3/07 - The MMRA East Grand National race was fantastic and it wrapped up the eastern points championships.  Click here for more.

6/16/07 - Custom designed guitar trophies by Barry Clapp await the winners at our Music City Motorplex Touring Series race courtesy of DBV Properties.  These are the finest trophies you'll see all year, and you only have one chance to win them!  Click here for a close-up.

6/3/07 - Click here to see a recap from the Touring Series races at Big Country Speedway in Wyoming.

5/23/07 - Big purse announced for Canadian Tour races.  Visit the event page for more info by clicking here.

5/9/07 - The May 2007 MMRA Newsletter introduces the new Masters Cup award.  Click here for more info.

4/29/07 - The Touring Series visits O'Reilly Raceway Park with the ASA Late Model Series for a great event.  Click here for more.

4/6/07 - The PRO European Division is off to a great start this year and England now has the most MMRA members outside the US.  Click here to check out the points from the first race.

3/27/07 - Travel info and an awesome official hotel have been added to the Canadian doubleheader which currently has more entries from the US than from Canada!  Click here for more info.

2/22/07 - A followup report about the 2007 Speedweeks Special is posted now.  Click here for more.

1/15/07 - South East Super Minicups will be on board in the Open Division this year, and with 20+ members they'll be tough to beat for the championship.  Click here to visit their website.

1/7/07 - The January 2007 MMRA Newsletter talks about the Speedweeks Special event - and why you need to be there!  Click here for more.

1/5/07 - The 2007 Touring Series entry form has been posted.  Click here to download the form and reserve your car number at our 2007 Touring Series events.

12/29/06 - Click here to read about changes made to the 2007 MMRA Points System which are also included in the 2007 MMRA Rulebooks.

12/28/06 - 2007 MMRA Rulebooks are posted.  All members will also receive a printed copy with their membership packages.  Click here for more info.

12/19/06 - Former minicup racers running 180+ at Daytona.  Click here for the full story.

12/5/06 - PRO European Division champion Malcolm Foskett has found a great way to promote Baby Grands in England.  Click here for more info and pictures.

12/3/06 - The 2007 Major Event schedule is posted.  All dates are verbally agreed to, but only the ones actually signed are shown.  All others are listed as "Tentative" and will have track names added when contracts come back.  Click here for more.

11/27/06 - All 2007 MMRA membership forms are now posted.  Click here to visit the membership page and download the forms.

11/20/06 - More information about the Speedweeks Special event is now posted - including the official hotel info.  Rooms book up early in Florida in February, so you may want to reserve yours now.
Click here for more.

11/8/06 - 2006 MMRA Awards Banquet wrapped up the season.  Click here for more info.

9/29/06 - What's going on at MMRA?  Click here for the September newsletter to find out.

9/18/06 - Photos and race information from the West Grand National race now posted.  Click here for more.

9/11/06 - 2006 Championship Banquet announced.  Click here for more info about our best banquet ever!

9/8/06 - The Chase is On - At Albany Motor Speedway.  10 race series for minicups gets underway this weekend.  Click here to visit the AMS website and learn more.

8/31/06 - The 2006 Edition of the MMRA Racing News magazine is hot off the presses.  Click here for more.

8/27/06 - Race results and points are updated after the East Grand National race at Friendship Motor Speedway.  Click here for more info

6/25/06 - Statement by MMRA President, Pete Neimeier regarding Harris Racing Promotions event in Michigan.  Click here for more.

6/18/06 - Big Tour races in the Music City means musical trophies.  Click here for more about these unique awards.

6/9/06 - Richard Perry profiled in the Rocky Mountain News.  Click here for the article.

5/12/06 - Read Stacy Herdman's award winning essay about how Carl Edwards is her inspiration.  Click here.

4/3/06 - Johnathan Hale, PRO Division driver from California, earns a spot on the Bill McAnally racing team.  Click here for more.

3/26/06 - Mattie Whitten, a PRO Division racer from Colorado was featured in the Denver Post newspaper.  Click here for more.

3/8/06 - Money Money Money - March 2006 Newsletter talks about costs in racing.  Click here for more.

1/25/06 - MMRA at Washington DC International Auto Show.  Click here for more information.

12/19/05 - Great News!  MMRA featured in a 5 page spread in Stock Car Racing magazine.  Click here for more.

12/16/05 - December newsletter features a new author.  Click here for more.

11/14/05 - MMRA Newsletter posted with updates and important information.  Click here for more.

11/10/05 - Free 2005 MMRA Screensaver - Click here for more.

11/6/05 - MMRA Awards Banquet a great success.  Click here for more info and some pictures from the event.

11/5/05 - New "Philosophy" link on the left introduces some wise quotes to live by.  Click here to read them.

10/31/05 - MMRA's treat for Halloween is LOTS of 2006 news.  Click here to read all about it.

10/22/05 - New Crank for Honda Engines.  Click here for more.

10/10/05 - Trivia contest revealed - and a big announcement of MMRA's trip "across the pond".  Click here for more.

9/23/05 - MMRA Seals Violation - family banned from MMRA for life - Click here for details.

9/18/05 - Incredible West Grand National race weekend.  Click here for more information.

9/9/05 - Help!  Click here for more.

8/29/05 - East Grand National race is in the recordbooks!  Click here for more information.

8/14/05 - Former MMRA racer Stephen Leicht has moved up to the ASA Late Model Series and is the current points leader, picking up another win last night at Jennerstown Speedway.  Photo

7/31/05 - Final Touring Series race is in the books.  Click here for more about the Sportsdrome Speedway event.

7/26/05 - The trophy girls in Texas know how to celebrate as recent winner Kris Kerr found out.  Click here for the photo.

7/16/05 - Big Gerard Roofing Technologies PRO Road Racing Division event at Summit Point raceway.  Click here for more

7/15/05 - Shenandoah Speedway hosted its first Baby Grand race tonight.  Click here to see the guys to beat at this new track.

7/10/05 - JRP Speedway Touring Series race is in the recordbooks and the points race is tighter than ever.  Click here for more race information and then click on the "points" link to the left to see the latest standings. 

5/29/05 - MMRA Racing News magazine ready for distribution!  Click here for more.

5/9/05 - Honda Engines powers up MMRA Touring and Grand National events.  Click here for more.

5/2/05 - Racing in Iraq?!  Click here for more.

5/1/05 - Short videos from Friendship Motor Speedway are now available.  Click here to visit the East Grand National race page and take a lap or two.

3/10/05 - Minicup wheel rule clarification posted.  Click here for more info.

3/4/05 - PRO Division Racers - Baby Grands has released a handy final drive gear chart which may come in handy as you follow the 2005 Touring Series.  Click here for more.

1/19/05 - Congratulations to Josh Byrns who was the highest finishing MMRA racer in the 2004 Valvoline Cup Championship with a 3rd place finish.  Former minicup racer Dillon Oliver took the top honors.  Visit for the full scaled stock standings.

11/28/04 - New road racing videos added to our videos page.  Click here and scroll down to the "Road Racing" videos.

11/5/04 - FREE 2004 MMRA Screensaver.  Click here for more info and to download your copy now!

9/13/04 - 2005 Minicup engine specs. update - Click here.

9/12/04 - MMRA has updated our minicup tri-fold brochure which is a great tool to use as a handout at shows and events.  Click here to visit our downloads page and download the Adobe Acrobat files.

9/9/04 - The 2004 MMRA Year in Review video is complete.  We will be getting DVD's burned in the next several days and sending out pre-ordered copies.  If you have not ordered one yet, be sure to send in an order soon - Click here for more info.

8/20/04 - Important announcements and news from MMRA.  Click here for more information.

8/17/04 - MMRA announces new sealed engine program for minicups.  Click here for more info.

8/9/04 - NGK Spark Plugs are now the Official Spark Plugs of MMRA.  Visit our sponsors page for more info by clicking here.

7/14/04 - Look out west coast Future Stars.  Austin Thom scored his first win last weekend and will be tough at the Grand National race.  Click here for a great photo from the South Sound Website.

7/12/04 - MMRA announces a new partnership with Extreme Engine Systems.  Click here for more info.

6/30/04 - Watch Future Stars at All American Speedway in a short 1 minute video courtesy of Steven Blakesley and Chester Finney.  Click here to download.

6/29/04 - MMRA PRO Division racer Mattie Whitten of Colorado provided a great example of how to promote sponsors, and our sport.  Click here for photos.

6/21/04 - Indy 500 racer Johnny Unser hops into a Baby Grand in Alaska and finishes third.  Click here for info and photos.

4/19/04 - California Future Stars were at All American Speedway this weekend promoting MMRA racing.  Click here for photo.

4/1/04 - Welcome ESAB as the Official Welder of MMRA.  For more information about ESAB and their top quality product line visit our "new sponsors" page by clicking here.

3/30/04 - Minicups in the future of MMRA?  Click here for more.

3/25/04 - Baby Grands covered in the latest issue of Stock Car Racing magazine!  Click here for more

3/2/04 - Just after his Daytona win, Carl Edwards was a guest on Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain.  Click here to visit our "videos" page for the download link.

1/5/04 - The MMRA Competition Committee has issued an important front brake/rules clarification.  Click here to read.

1/2/04 - Kimmel wins the Cup. . . Again.  Click here for more information about MMRA racers' great performance in the 2003 Valvoline Cup national championship.

1/1/04 - Project PRO - MMRA welcomes Baby Grand racecars as our new PRO Division.  Click here for more information

12/19/03 - MMRA welcomes Digatron to our family.  Click here to learn more.

11/29/03 - Future Star racer Dominic Portera was featured in the Morgan Hill Times newspaper.  Click here for the story.

9/30/03 - Now that has over 350 pages, we've added a simple "search" area to the upper left.  This is an easy way to find what you need quickly.  Give it a try. . .

9/6/03 - California minicup racers were out promoting the sport on a beautiful day in Roseville.  Click here for more info.

9/03/03 - Big news!  Hoosier Racing Tire joins the sport of minicup racing - Click here

7/8/03 - New RLV muffler built just for minicups!  Click here

5/29/03 - Check out the "Press" link to the left to listen to some of the radio interviews MMRA participated in with the Midwest Race Report.

4/23/03 - Honda Engines on board!  MMRA is proud to announce that Honda Engines will support the Future Stars of Racing series at all remaining 2003 Touring and Grand National races.  Click here for the press release.

3/14/03 - More press for MMRA.  Click here to read a story posted on

3/5/03 - MMRA Team grows with addition of Tech Director.  Click here

2/2/03 - Check out some photos from the New River Valley Speedway awards banquet.  Click here.

1/18/03 - MMRA Competition Committee established.  Click here.

1/17/03 - MMRA featured on the popular website. Click here.

1/9/03 - Need a "hand-out" for a car show which answers questions about minicups?  Click here to visit the "Downloads" page and check out the brochure in the "Promotional Materials" section.

12/30/02 - MMRA racer Will Kimmel wins Valvoline Cup in 2002.  Click here for more details.  Also, check out a nice story about Will in the Courier Journal Newspaper - Click here.

12/29/02 - New Competition Committee creates broader MMRA management team.  Click here for more details about this new governing body.

12/9/02 - Front Brakes voting results.  Click here.

11/19/02 - 2002 MMRA Nationals Presented by the U.S. Air Force videos are done!  Click here

11/18/02 - Whoa!  Read and vote about front brakes - Click here  (12/9/02 update - voting is finished and MMRA has issued a decision - click here for more info)

8/31/02 - Enroute to a career best 2nd place finish in ARCA series competition, Shelby Howard scored a mention for MMRA on the Speed Channel broadcast.  Click here to hear it.

8/18/02 - MMRA Nationals Presented by the U.S. Air Force in the books!  Thanks to all our racers, sponsors, and workers.  After battling rain all week and even on race morning, the biggest minicup event of the year ran under clear skies and cool temperatures.  Look for LOTS more information and pictures soon.  Click here for the official finishing orders.

8/12/02 - Pace Car Update.  Dur-A-Flex racing bodies  has finished the decals for the official pace car of the 2002 MMRA Nationals Presented by the U.S. Air Force.  Click here to view.

8/8/02 - Award winning journalist and senior editor of Dave Reininger cut a radio spot for the 2002 MMRA Nationals Presented by the U.S. Air Force.  This spot will be what you hear if you listen to the radio in Bowling Green next week.  Click here to hear it.

7/29/02 - Announcing a special Pace Car for the MMRA Nationals Presented by the U.S. Air Force!  Dur-A-Flex Race Car Bodies has built a special pace car for our big event - it is a 1/2 scale 1969 Chevy Camaro.  If you can't make it to the race, click here to see pictures of this great car.

7/4/02 - 1997 MMRA Future Stars National Champion Shelby Howard has been moving up in the racing world.  If you were watching Speedvision last night, you may have seen him running at South Boston Speedway in the ARCA ReMax Series.  He was up against some pretty tough competition as you'll see in the photos if you click here.

5/30/02 - Click here to read a letter from National Director David Daniels regarding MMRA's position on advanced timing motors.

5/7/02 - Promotion is so important for minicup racing - both at the sanctioning body level and by each race team.  One great way to promote your team and provide value to your sponsors is with picture cards.  MMRA is partnering with Modern Postcard to promote picture card use by our race teams.  Click here for more info.