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Do you have a child who dreams of someday trading paint in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series?  The MMRA Future Stars of Racing program can be a great way to help your young racer get quality stock car racing experience in a safe, yet competitive environment.  The Future Stars series is for racers as young as 8 and as old as 16.  The main difference between a Future Stars minicup and one for the open class is the carburetor.  The smaller carburetor for Future Stars racers restricts horsepower and makes the car easier to handle for new racers.

MMRA Class Carburetor
Open Division Honda 925B
Future Stars Honda GX270

The MMRA Future Stars of Racing fills a unique niche in the progression of young race car drivers.  Many kids are starting in racing programs at a very early age and want to move up quickly.  Here's a typical schedule.

Age Division Description
5-6 Baby Karts These cute go-karts are powered by weedeater motors.  Many are geared low enough that dad or mom can run and catch junior before he gets into trouble.  This earliest of racing divisions introduces youngsters to the concepts of steering, gas vs. brake, and the fundamentals of competition.  The karts race along with go-kart programs at tracks around the country.  For more info on the karts, check out
6-8 Quarter Midgets Jeff Gordon is the most famous graduate of these karts.  Although these karts are often a local division and the racers run for fun, there are also organized national meets with stiff competition.  At the upper levels, racers spend a tremendous amount of money to run up front and the average middle class family will find it difficult to spend what it takes to win.  The races take place on parking lots and at go-kart facilities.  To learn more visit:
8-12 This is where minicups are a great choice.  Your young racer will have the opportunity to race on the same short tracks where many of today's famous drivers cut their teeth.  For the first time, your young racer will get experience in a full bodied stock car with fully adjustable suspension that many racers say responds to setups like a late model stock car.  He or she will be protected with a 5 point belt system, full rollcage and racing seat, fuel cell, and possibly even an on-board fire suppression system.  The powerplant will last all season and depending on the amount of travel, an average family can afford the expense of running up front.  You're on the right website now.  ;-)
12-14 Now that your young racer has stock car experience on saturday night short tracks, he or she will be ready for more advanced skills.  Moving up to the MMRA Junior PRO Division will put your young racer behind the wheel of a Baby Grand racecar for the first time.  The larger Baby Grand racecars will introduce gear changing, a multi-cylinder engine, heavier car, and more.  For more information about the cars, visit  Although the cars are "True" Baby Grand racecars, in our Junior PRO Division, they have rev limiters on the engines which allow young racers to master the car, before they have to deal with serious speed.  After succeeding at this level, young racers may be ready to step up to our Pro Division.
14-16 The rev limiters are off in the PRO Division and the Baby Grand racecars really show their true potential here.  They will demand good throttle control and braking skills, and will reward drivers who have talent.  They also race on larger oval tracks and even road courses providing a more versatile training ground for up and coming racers.  Succeeding at this level proves a racer has true talent.  Hopefully those years spent racing in MMRA also allowed your young racer to start attracting sponsorship which will be very helpful from here on out.  With many of the newest names in Nextel Cup being only 18-20 years old, it may already be time to move up again.
  16+ Various Options By age 16, there are different roads to follow.  Some racers choose a local Late Model series.  Others, like Shelby Howard move on to become winners in ARCA before their 18th birthday.  The ASA Late Model Series and USAR Hooters Pro Cup offer high profile series with nationwide TV coverage, which can be instrumental in getting noticed by the right people in racing.  All of these will introduce your young racer to big horsepower and introduce you to big expenses.  If the funding is available however, this is the the make-or-break point that everyone wants to get to.  Next stop is the top of the racing ladder - NASCAR.

MMRA is committed to helping young racers develop their skills in a safe, competitive environment.  In summary, the benefits of the MMRA Future Stars of Racing are as follows:

1.  Safety - Minicups feature a full rollcage, 5point belts, fuel cell, etc.
2.  Tracks - Minicups race on many famous NASCAR sanctioned short tracks such as Stockton 99 Speedway, Music City Motorplex, Motor Mile Speedway, etc.  Often, your young racer will be part of a regular Saturday night show and will learn about the workings of NASCAR short track racing.  This will prove to be invaluable experience.
3.  Full Bodied Stock Car - The MMRA sanctioned minicup racecar has the same look and style as a full size Winston Cup stock car.  As such, there is plenty of room for sponsor logos.  Even at this inexpensive level, your young racer can start to learn about how to attract and keep a sponsor.  This knowledge will only grow in importance as he or she progresses in the racing world.
4.  Full Working Suspension - An MMRA minicup racecar uses a fully adjustable front and rear suspension.  This will provide both you and your child many opportunities to learn the fundamentals of "chassis setup" for stock car racing.  You'll learn about cross weights, caster, camber, toe, etc. - your competitors will probably even lend a hand - at least until you start running up front.
5.  National - The MMRA is a national sanctioning body.  You will be able to bring your young racer to many different tracks which will be running the same rules as your local area.  If you want your child to succeed in racing, they will have to learn how to adapt to different tracks and drivers early in their career.  With a consistent rulebook, your touring time can be spent learning how to set up for and drive new tracks - not changing over to a new set of rules.
6.  Exposure - MMRA maintains this website to promote the achievements of all our racers.  When your son or daughter wins an MMRA race, they will see their name here - and more importantly, their sponsors and potential sponsors will also see it.  We will do all we can through affiliations with Valvoline Cup and others to draw attention to our racers and their success. 
7.  Cost - In most forms of racing, money makes more difference than almost anything else.  Regardless of your child's talent level, without the money, he or she may never show their true potential.  Fortunately, minicups are one of the last bastions of affordable racing.  The single cylinder Honda engines are practically bulletproof and inexpensive to maintain.  Tires can sometimes last a full season and the rules forbid any fancy shocks/springs/etc.  If you get beat, it wasn't because you were outspent.

If the MMRA Future Stars of Racing program sounds like a good fit for you and your child, then click here to fill out an information request form.  We'll follow up to help you get plugged in to the closest group of racers to you.  Good luck and we'll see you at the track!