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2011 marks the 16th anniversary of the Miniature Motorsports Racing Association.  We promote hundreds of races throughout North America for 1/2 scale minicup racecars and 2/3 scale Baby Grand racecars.  Starting at 8 years old, our racers hone their skills in front of hundreds of thousands of fans each year working their way to racing stardom.  Our 3 oval track divisions provide a complete driver development program that prepares young racers for professional level racing.  MMRA graduates include 1997 Future Stars champion Shelby Howard who went on to become the youngest winner in ARCA ReMax competition, and 2002 PRO Division champion Carl Edwards who has already reached the Sprint Cup series.

The journey starts with our Future Stars of Racing. This class provides the perfect "next step" for go-kart or quarter midget racers who are looking to move up.  Future Stars minicup racecars look like the Nextel Cup cars you see on television, but they are just 1/2 the size.  They are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and place young racers on many of the same saturday night short tracks where their heroes got their start.   Click here for more info about the MMRA Future Stars of Racing program.

MMRA's PRO Division provides an opportunity for racers who want real horsepower underfoot.  The Baby Grand stockcars in this division are powered by the same 4 cylinder Yamaha motorcycle engines as legends cars.  They have 5 speed gearboxes and quick-change rearends just like a late model stockcar.  With a 10:1 horsepower to weight ratio, these cars are extremely fast and truly teach racers how to handle power and speed.  With sufficient proven experience, racers as young as 12 years old can compete at this level.  Success here is a true indicator of talent and prepares drivers for the step to professional racing. 

Over the years, the MMRA has racked up many significant achievements including:

* Creating the Future Stars of Racing™ program to help young racers get their start
*  Bringing minicup racing to national television in 1998 on Speedvision
*  Sanctioning hundreds of races each year stretching from Florida to Washington state
*  Signing Tony Stewart as a national spokesperson for the Future Stars before his NASCAR success
*  Promoting our 2002 Nationals event with support from the U.S. Air Force and Honda Engines
*  Adding the PRO Division to make a complete "driver development" program for young racers

Many racing sanctioning bodies cater to the most successful teams in their group and try to keep them happy.  MMRA will instead focus on the fans in the stands and always try to develop programs to make it easy for them to come join the fun.  MMRA racing has the potential to become the most popular form of short track racing in the country and fans love the 3 and 4 wide racing in the turns.   We also believe our Future Stars of Racing program is a unique opportunity to identify the stars of tomorrow and teach all participants the joy of competition and teamwork.  We will work to bring this sport to racetracks around the country and into the living rooms of race fans everywhere.  Come join the fun - Get out of the stands and into the action!!

Miniature Motorsports Racing Association
P.O. Box 50906
Bowling Green, KY 42102-4206

Phone 270-784-8231

Pictured to the right is an MMRA minicup racecar.  This is the car used in our Future Stars of Racing.

Pictured to the right is an MMRA Baby Grand racecar.  This is the car used in the PRO Division.