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February 2009 - MMRA Newsletter

Hello Racers!

Last year we were all dealing with ridiculous gas prices, which caused MMRA to change our focus in 2009 from big Touring and Grand National events, to a focus on local racing.  Although gas prices have come down, now the overall economy is in very bad shape.  As leaders in our sport, MMRA wants to do our part to help offset a bad economy.

We would like to announce a new incentive to help support local racing programs.  This season, MMRA will award a $250 bonus to every local area that has at least 10 members in a single racing division.  This money is designed to help support local efforts by providing the funding to meet local needs.  Here are all the details and answers to several questions:

1.  Why offer this money?  We know times are tough, and this is a way to help local groups that are facing many challenges this year.

2.  How does it work?  The deadline to get memberships in is June 15, 2009.  As of that date, any group that has at least 10 members in a single division will earn the $250 bonus.  If a single group has 10 members in 2 different divisions, they will receive a $500 bonus.  If a group has 8 members as of June 15, but 3 more join later in the year, no bonus will be earned.

3.  Why the June 15 deadline?  We want to ensure that racers join early in the season, so everyone in that area will receive maximum points toward the 2009 championship.  It doesn't do any good for the serious racers if half the group waits until the end of the season to join. 

4.  What if we are just a couple members short by June 15 but we have people looking to get into the sport?  If you have people that will likely purchase cars and race in 2009, they can go ahead and join in the division they intend to compete in before they purchase a car.  They will be members to help the local group qualify for their bonus, and the membership will hopefully encourage them to purchase a car sooner and get out on the track.

5.  What about Super License members?  Super License members will count as a single membership in the division they intend to compete in the most.  For example, a Super License member who plans to race most of the season in Future Stars, but then start a few Junior PRO races late in the year would be added to the Future Stars member count only.  Another Super License member who plans to race Junior PRO, but may start some Future Stars races will count only toward the Junior PRO member roster.

6.  What is the money to be used for?  The money can be used any way the local area would like.  Some examples include providing a year-end points fund, purchasing year-end trophies, buying tech tools, paying for a tech official at local races, and posting a larger race purse on a championship weekend.

7.  When will the money be available?  MMRA will be prepared to cut checks anytime after the June 15 deadline so the money can be used during the 2009 season.

8.  Will this increase the 2009 membership fee?  No - our membership fees will stay the same.  One area we will cut back on is we will not print and mail a copy of the 2009 rulebook to save printing and mailing costs.  Of course you will still be able to download and print a copy of the rules from the MMRA website.

9.  When will the 2009 rules be posted?  We have just pulled together our 2009 Competition Committee and we will be reviewing potential changes and updating the rulebooks shortly.  Don't look for much change in technical specifications.  Mostly we will just be looking at policy and procedures.  Keep an eye on the website for an announcement when the 2009 rules are posted.

10.  I have other questions - No problem, just send an e-mail to