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October 2007 - MMRA Newsletter

Hello Racers!

It's hard to believe but the 2007 racing season is over and the only unfinished business we have is to recognize all our racers at the National Awards Banquet on November 3.  I'm more excited than ever about our banquet because we have the finest venue ever as MMRA has rented the entire National Corvette Museum for our event.  This is going to be first class and something that everyone should enjoy.  EVERY racer is welcome and all present will be welcomed onto the stage but you have to purchase your tickets no later than October 29 so we can let the caterer know the final count for dinner. 

As you can imagine, we are already at work on our 2008 plans.  Speedweeks is already booked for Bronson Motor Speedway from February 13-16 with the same schedule as last year.  If you haven't already made plans to come, be sure to talk to someone who was there this year.  Many people have said it was the most fun, and most laps they had all year and we are doing it again.  Come join the fun!

I'm also excited to see the growth of our Junior PRO Division as several cars have already been purchased in the Ohio area.  Look for a new group there, as well as the return of our Oklahoma and Kentucky Junior PRO groups.  Just two years ago, Junior PRO only had two regular competitors, so it is great to see the development of this new program.

There is also great news out of North Carolina.  Curt Andrews has signed on with Baby Grands as a dealer for the cars, and has ordered 10 new cars to get a program going.  Look for a regular series in North Carolina in 2008 as MMRA expands into the heart of stock car racing country.

MMRA is working on our Touring and Grand National races as well although we are considering hosting fewer events than in 2007.  The cost of traveling is so high, and spending thousands of dollars on gas doesn't help the sport grow.  We are hoping to encourage more local racing, and we hope that adjacent local groups work together to have bigger car counts.  For example, Virginia/North Carolina,  Ohio/Kentucky,  and Colorado/Canada can pick dates to travel back and forth, producing big car counts in both areas, without long distance travel.  MMRA will try to have our Touring and Grand National schedule out as soon as possible so it will be easier to coordinate local events.

Thank you for your support this year and I hope to see many of you at our awards banquet next month!

Pete Neimeier
President, MMRA