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November 2005 - MMRA Newsletter

Hello Racers!

It has been a while since our last newsletter but I'm excited to share some updates with you now.  With the 2005 season completely in the recordbooks, several racers are showing off their championship rings, while many more are making commitments to earn their rings in 2006.  We expect that next year will be the best ever for MMRA, and we are excited about the programs we are working on to make that happen.

Here is a preview of what to expect in the next few months:

-   The 2006 Touring and Grand National schedule should be finished up before the end of the year and will be posted under the "Major Events" link on the left side of this page.

-   The 2006 minicup and Baby Grand rulebooks will be finished up and posted before the end of the year. 

-  On January 1, 2006, this website will be re-worked to focus on 2006, and 2006 membership forms and entry forms will be part of that change.  If you want to be sure to get your car number at 2006 Touring and Grand National events, be sure to check back on New Year's Day for the forms.

I would also like to "cut and paste" an announcement made last year because it is something that needs to be repeated again.  Here it is:

"Some racers have been unsure about where to get accurate information about MMRA policies, procedures, etc.  The website is the sole and only source for this information.  Nothing said by any MMRA official - from regional directors to the president of MMRA, constitutes policies or commitments by MMRA.  If it is posted on the website, it is correct, if not, it can not be relied upon.  The good news is that virtually everything we do is posted quickly and accurately on  Everything from rulebooks, membership forms, schedules, purse info, etc. is readily available here and MMRA recommends that all our racers get in the habit of regularly checking the website for the latest information.  This way, all racers, regardless of their region, have access to the same information at the same time.  No one should rely on what they hear at the track or from people (including MMRA officials) - the website is the authority in MMRA."

With our sport stretching all across North America and even over the pond to Europe, it is impossible to communicate effectively any way but this website.  Fortunately, the website is fair and equal for everyone, and it can clearly show what is correct, and what is not.  Please get in the habit of checking back regularly for the latest news, and whenever you hear something new, double check here to make sure it is correct.

It will be great to see many of you next February in Florida.  Thank you for your support and best wishes for a great season in 2006!

Pete Neimeier
President, MMRA